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Jessica O'Leary


I’ve been crafting tales for as long as I can remember, but over the past couple of years I've made a couple of attempts to share that writing online. Mostly one variation of a blog or another, some social media posting and the like, but nothing has really stuck as of yet. I tend to get a burst of creative energy and sprint hard at something before I run out of steam just as I seem to be hitting my stride. Yet here I am again. This time I'm hoping I can put into practice something I've learned this year: Intensity is overrated. Consistency is underrated. Consistency has been lacking in my life since I left my teenage years behind. Marred by change, questionable choices and bouts of struggles with my mind, the past four or five years have been challenging to say the least. 

In recent months, I've learned to be much more kind to myself. To take the pressure off and listen to myself. I think it's allowed me to show up in a much better way for those I love and surround me. Hopefully they feel the same. It can be easy to forget how your own struggles impact the lives of others. And so, I've tentatively been working on the things that bring me joy, albeit in a much slower and dare I say controlled manner than before. There's a difference between shutting yourself down and shutting yourself off. Writing has always brought me solace. Some folks hide behind their words but I've always found the truth to spill out in mine. It's humbling to share it in this way, but I think it forces me to hone the craft. Time, as always, will tell. Love, Jess. 

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