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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

31st July 2022

What a week. I'm exhausted, in a good way. Someone asked me on twitter how it went, my response: exhausting but exhilarating. It was phenomenal. The team, the people, the work, the challenges. It's genuinely everything I've ever wanted in a role. H sent a welcome email during the week that read: glad you like drinking from the firehose! Thank goodness I do. It's going to be a lot of that for a long time I feel.

That's not to say that I haven't stepped up to the plate and absolutely smashed it out of the park. This week would have been great for M whether I was part of the team or not, but the intros I was able to make and the puppet strings I was able to pull all week really made it. We made an impact, we made people sit up, and we made people intrigued. Starting by dropping a little pebble into the water, the ripples are now doing their thing. Folks have heard our name, and feel like they missed out not meeting us or being invited to the last minute get togethers. Demand, we're generating it. And it feels good.

Personally, I had a great week but my god I can't do that every day. Once a month at best. I loved every second (okay, maybe not every single one but pretty damn close). Getting less than 7 hours sleep on any given night doesn't work for me though, never mind a string of low sleep nights together. I ate well and took care of myself otherwise though. Mentally, I'm feeling great. I feel a world different from when I did my first session with Evan on relieving trauma just 10 days ago. Difficult to believe that was only 10 days ago, so much has happened since then and we've made so much progress. I'm looking forward to a few days of R&R and straight laptop time to just get settled, read existing materials and follow up on everything from Day 1 last week.

My body is doing much better. The back and neck injury is still a pain (literally), but I'm managing it and it feels like it's moving in the right direction. Between going to see Rich at Wired, seeing Stacy every week at Form + Function, and taking my own rest and training in equal measure, I feel pretty good. This week really felt like the whole 10x pace thing that I described to S and the gang at golf last weekend. It feels great, but it's also a bit discombobulating to move that fast. I bet the way my brain feels is somewhat similar to the experience the F1 drivers are going through this year with the extreme porpoising. Throttling down the straight at g-force speeds, hanging on for dear life yet somehow managing to keep everything perfectly safe and on track, just in time to be thrown around the next corner at lightening speed.

I've been using lots of lightening bolts again these days. It just feels right for some reason. The personal projects are all hurtling forward too, but I just don't have bandwidth for them anymore. Midas and olympio are all consuming, as they should be if I'm going to be successful in the roles laid out for me.

The two board roles are probably fine, they're advisory and take less than 4 hours a month. "The Board" itself is amazing, and a passion project that I'm not ready to give up. I think I can make it work by letting the others take the reins and just giving it a couple of hours on the weekend - including the walk. The creative studio I'm not involved in other than financially, and I think that's it? At least that comes to mind right away. Writing I suppose, but I've done that everyday since I was a kid so I don't really count that as a distraction, if anything the opposite: an essential tool for me to reflect and process.

This trip feels long overdue. I haven't been back in the Bay Area since before the pandemic. It will be good to see friends and colleagues and get a feel for what the cities are like these days. I've also never been to Sonoma or Napa other than just passing through. Eat, sleep, rest and get ready for the next sprint is my plan. We have a lot to get moving before September/October when everything goes nuts again. It's my intention to get as much of the formulation/packaging/influencer/launch strategy nailed down before then as possible. It's exciting. To be able to do what I love and go hard, yet be supported by a team that's not only all over it, but willing to take the time to teach and support me whilst I catch up to speed with all the developments thus far.

All in all, I don't think I could have asked for a better week. As a friend recently reminded me, you can sleep when you're dead. Life is about dancing in the storm.

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